Print Business Cards The Easy Way

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Like everything else in this world evolving at a rapid pace, it is no longer a hassle to print business cards with literally hundreds and thousands of both online and offline services that would print and deliver your desired business card design at your door step.

The easiest and simplest way to print business cards is to chose one of the premade business card templates and provide your contact details to any of the top printing service. Selecting the right business card printer can be a time consuming task so we have listed down some top of the line business card printing services with a bit a information about each of them.

1) Moo
The first in the line is Moo Inc. It is a very popular printing service specially for its outstanding range of business card templates and artwork. Plus users will also be able to upload their own design and have it printed accordingly. Moo has very eye-catching business card prints plus they also offer the “Rush Printing” service which will get your business cards printed and delivered on time.

2) VistaPrint
When it comes to customization and style, VistaPrint should be selected. Their database offers thousands of customizable business card prints which the users can alter according to his/her needs. Their premium business cards start printing at a price of $19.99 only plus they ship fast as well.

3) PrintRunner
The tag line of PrintRunner says “Quality Printing for Less” and it is very true. When you want to print large quantities of business cards i.e. in excess of 10,000 quantity without compromising on print quality and would want them shipped in less than 3 working days then you cannot go wrong with PrintRunner business card printing service.

All the above mentioned business card printers will allow you to upload your own design and even allow a great degree of customization plus if you still are unsure what you would end with, then you can always order a sample business car which many of current business card printers will print and deliver and will not even charge you for that.

Make Your Own Business Cards in Minutes

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get business card quote

standard business card 2x3.5 template
You are here because you want to make your own business cards without going into the hassle of selecting from a huge variety of template designs of business cards. Making your own business cards can save you some extra bucks as well as time. What you need is a standard business card template just like the one shown in the above picture. Most of the top business card printing companies like PrintRunner provide business card templates to potential customers for FREE.

Business Card Templates

You can easily download the above business card template in either PSD (Photoshop) or EPS (Illustrator) format. The template will have the following business card dimensions :

2.25” x 3.75” (675 x 1125 px)
4.45” x 3.75” (1275 x 1125 px)

The first size is for standard Business cards that most of the people use and the second dimensions are for the foldover business card design. Once you have the template files in your computer, you can easily enter your details by using the software of your choice.

Color Options

Once you are done with your details such as name, designation, logo, company and other contact details, the next part is to provide your business card printer with the color options for your business card. There are three possible choices:

4/0 Color Front, No Back
4/1 Color Front, Black & White Back
4/4 Color Both Sides

Card Stock

Now you need to select your card stock or what some people refer to as card paper. Mostly clients are presented with two options such as 14pt or 13pt with a 100% recycled paper. It is recommended that you select 14pt if you want professional looking business cards.

Coating and Finishing

Now you are left to give final touch to your business card. Most of the two coatings for business cards are matte and UV coating. For premium business cards, it is recommended to always select UV coating for high gloss effect plus it offers added durability and protection as compared to matte coating. You will also have the option to have either perfectly square or rounded corners for your business cards.

Sample Business Card Options Menu

get business card quote

Most of the business card printers will instantly tell you the cost to make your own business cards with all the card options that we have discussed in this article. For the sake of testing, just click on the above “Instant Price Quote” image to check the live form and get an instant price quote before you make your own business cards.

Some Funny And Weird Looking Business Card Designs

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balloon business card

Many people stick to the conventional style and format when it comes to printing business card but there are still many who would think out of the box and generate strange and rather funny looking business cards that are meant to stand out and get noticed as well as remembered by the customers. Below you can see few of the weird looking business cards we found while searching the web.

1. Aircraft Business Card Design

themed business card design

This business card was designed by a Canada based company and when we talk about themed business cards, they can not get any better which this business card representing a Norburn Model Aircraft Supply that deals in radio controlled aircrafts. If you have not noticed, this is a wooden business card design.

2 Beef Jerky Business Card

meat business card beef jerky

Talking about standing about and getting remembered, this looks weird but it definitely scores high. Made of 100% beef jerky and the printing was done by a CO2 laser. We have no idea about how these are stored and shared.

3. Wooden Cloth Peg Business Card

wooden cloth peg business card

If you are in a laundry business then you might want to have a look at this business card idea which is not so far from reality as it gets the job done by printing contact details on a wooden cloth peg. This business card theme design is by Eduard Cehovin.

4. Manicurist Business Card Design

This is a Manicurist Card design. The Pictures says it all. Although some people might think that this is close to the standard size business card but believe it or not it is nearly twice the size.

5. Balloon Business Card

balloon business card

Although the idea is right but your customer might have to put it a little effort in order to read your contact details. This is also a great themed business card printing idea which looks strange and funny but believe it or not, it gets the job done is will surely be remembered.

If you think that you have seen an even funny and more strange business card then do share with us in your comments below.

Standard Business Card Size – Dimensions and Card Stock

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UK Business card size

The size of a standard business card greatly depends on the region or country they are used or printed. For example a Business Card Printer in Japan may use slightly different dimensions than the Business Card Printer based in United States. However there is very minor difference in the actual dimensions as most of the business cards have width to height ratio, also known as Aspect ratio, in between 1.4 and 1.8 only. Other card dimension includes thickness which is usually measured in pt and is discussed later in this article.

Standard Business Card Size

Usually Business Card Printers in USA and Canada print cards with size: 3.5 inches x 2 inches (WxH), with an aspect ratio of 1.75 only. Most of the countries follow the US and Canada standard business card size as well as material. For example, view the size options available on this US based Business Card Printer website.

Business Card Size US standard

Countries including United Kingdom, Germany and France have a standard Business card size of 3.346 inches x 2.165 inches (WxH) making it a business card with 1.545 aspect ratio.

UK Business card size

Business Card Thickness

Usually business card thickness is the same as the card stock what is used for its printing. Thickness of a business card is measured in thousandths of an inch and is referred to as points (pt.) or mils. For example a 12 pt. business card means that it is 0.012 inch (0.3048 mm) thick.

Business Card Stock

Business cards are printed on the same material which is used for printing postcards, playing cards etc. These are called card stock and sometimes cover stock or pasteboard. These are similar to paper stock but are usually thicker, flexible as well as more durable than other forms of paperboard.

A Business card stock thickness is usually stated in terms of weight in pounds (lb) such as 50 lb card stock or a 110 lb card stock. The Pound weight of card stock is usually the weight of 500 sheets of 20 x 26 inch size. Card stock is also described as grams per square meter. For example a 50 lb and a 110 lb card stock means 135 g/m2 and 300 g/m2 weight (called grammage) respectively.

Business card size and other parameters including card stock, font size, and colors are important especially when you are ordering your business card from an online card printer, which is turning out to be the best and fastest way to receive your desired print in just a few days time.